At Skyblue we design, manufacture and manufacture uniforms for the sports, educational, business and institutional sectors. Our experience, installed capacity, production processes and logistics make us a competitive company in terms of quality, delivery times and price. We invite you to get in touch, where we can gladly answer all your questions.

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We quote at no cost, We design your Uniform and you can view it in Digital form to know how your garment will look before its production, what are you waiting to wear your Uniform as you imagine it.

We are manufacturers of uniforms in Puebla, Mexico. We have a wide trajectory and proven experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of uniforms for schools, sports, business, and government; and in general for any organization that needs to standardize its staff.

At Sky Blue Uniforms we can support and guide you in your business and institutional clothing project.

We are manufacturers and maquiladoras of sports uniforms for various disciplines such as soccer, baseball, martial arts, athletics and other sports
as well as Jackets and Vests in Gabardine and Padded.

We can custom manufacture a wide variety of sports uniforms in different models for:

Sports stores

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